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E.J. Graff is a journalist, author, editor, commentator, and speaker whose award-winning reporting and provocative commentary examine social ills and our political landscape from every angle: academic, investigative, analytic, sociological, historical, constitutional, legal, and human. Her work delivers witty, irreverent, informed insight on a wide range of subjects, especially gender, sexuality, politics, and family but with forays into such issues as terrorism, the death penalty, beach towns, and blizzards. As a transformative editorial coach, she is “relentlessly encouraging,” helping academics, advocates, and others translate their work to a wider public audience. 

Currently, she is the managing editor of Good Authority (formerly TMC at the Washington Post), which brings political science research into public discussion, and editorial coach for the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, where academic research meets antiracist action. Reach out to hire her for projects large and small.