Before the marriage equality movement won a single victory, E.J. Graff wrote the first full-length American book on the subject — exploring 2,500 years of history along the way. What Is Marriage For? The Strange Social History of Our Most Intimate Institution (Beacon Press, 1999, 2004) was called “the bible” of the same-sex marriage movement — and served as the backbone of the full-length documentary, Tying the Knot.

When former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Evelyn F. Murphy wanted to launch a movement to close the gender wage gap, E.J. Graff helped her write the book that explained why it’s still with us. Getting Even examines how much women (and their families) lose over a lifetime to the wage gap, knocks down the myth that women “choose” to make less, and documents the widespread discrimination that’s holding down women’s pay — and points the way out.