Political & social movements over the decades

E.J. Graff has been telling stories from inside political and social movements for decades. Whether that’s explaining the wild side of Pride to mainstream Americans in 1990s, reporting on how ordinary citizens responded to Elizabeth Warren’s first run for elected office in the 2000s, or how Trump’s election sent hundreds of thousands of middle-aged women into local and national politics, Graff gives voice to the people who are trying to make sense of our political landscape.

Currently she is the managing editor of The Monkey Cage at the Washington Post, which brings political science research and analysis into public discussion, where she has edited thousands of pieces on everything from Black Lives Matter to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.


Trump’s Victory Inspired Thousands of Women to Get Involved in Politics

Mother Jones

Women have long been the workhorses of community life. Hundreds of thousands of them leapt into defeating Trump’s agenda. Here are their stories.

Elizabeth Warren: Yes She Can?
The Nation

I covered her 2012 outsider campaign to become senator from Massachusetts — and watched as crowds fell in love with her.

The Other L Word: Can Tammy Baldwin Win in Wisconsin?
The Atlantic

In a kind of victory for the LGBTQ rights movement, “lesbian” wasn’t the L-word most likely to be used against Baldwin in 2011. In Wisconsin, the fighting L-word was “liberal.”

The Unstoppable Maura Healey
Boston Magazine

She’d never held political office. To become the nation’s first openly gay Attorney General, she trounced a Democratic insider. Just who did this woman think she was?