But wait, there’s more!

Why confine reporting and writing to the big subjects, when there’s such a curious world waiting to be explored? 

E.J. Graff has written about everything from what our cars say about what we value to why people fake hate crimes, why the definition of “terrorism” is irrelevant and the winter that made even hardened Bostonians curl up under their beds and weep. Here’s a sampler. 


Why do people fake hate crimes?


Donald Trump’s election unleashed a wave of (very real) hate across America, but some people are still inventing violent crimes of prejudice. What gives?

What we talk about when we talk about terrorism


Every expert I spoke with knew exactly what it meant. But no two agreed precisely with one another.

My Child Will Face a Hatred That I Have Never Known  Slate

I’m a white woman married to another white woman. How do we explain what happened to Trayvon to our black son?

Boston’s Winter from Hell
The New York Times

You’ve seen the starkly beautiful pictures, but you haven’t heard this: We are being devastated by a slow-motion natural disaster of historic proportions.